Business Process Outsourcing

Value First Outcomes

In a world of dynamic change, business process services can reinvent business performance, delivering sustainable value through optimizing operations. Our strategic managed service capabilities (AI, technology, data & specialized talent & process innovation at scale) provide insights for better decision making & crush the timeline to value.

Customer Service Outsourcing

24 Hours Service, 7 Days A Week


Key Differentiators that makes Rekruitr Stand Out

Cost-effective Services

Our call centers ensure high-quality customer service at competitive rates, with a quick turnaround time. We have years of experience in the industry and have provided these services to several global companies.

Operational Transparency

We at Rekruitr believe in addressing any issues head-on. We believe in transparent call center operations so that our customers can see straight-up what is happening. Our non-filtered approach helps our customers be aware of the high quality of service we provide.

Optimum Security in Operations

Our call center security matrix includes integrated solutions for flexible, reliable, and user-friendly call center security systems. Our comprehensive call center security systems integrate all business systems and security components for a comprehensive yet cost-effective call center security solution.

BPO Services

Inbound Services Outbound Services
•  Customer Support •  Appointment Scheduling
•  Help Desk •  Information Verification
•  Inquiry Handling •  Lead Generation
•  Call Answering •  Customer Survey
•  Toll-Free Services •  Digital Marketing
•  Product Information Requests •  Telemarketing
•  Technical Support •  Third-Party Verification
•  AI Chatbot Customer Service

How Rekruitr Helps Your Business

Negligible Negative Reviews
Excellent Customer Acquisition
Business Expansion
Solidified Customer Base

How Rekruitr BPO Model Works?

Rekruitr offers many benefits that open the gateway for the business to become digitally and technologically advanced. At Rekruitr, we offer technology equipped and best-in-class call center outsource facility that works in favor of your organization. Here is how our Call Center Model in Rekruitr works:

•  Gathering details & information •  Offering suitable services
•  Providing flexible prices •  Processing contract
•  Starting process •  Allocating task to workforce
•  Customer Support Training •  Begin the project

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