Accelerating Your Project Success

Through Digital Innovation.

We can find tech talent for all kinds of positions – starting from entry-level, through mid-senior, all the way to top executive placements. We can also help you whether you’re a start-up, a small company, or a business with an established reputation.

IT Staffing Services

Technology & Accounting Staffing Agency


Accelerating Project Success Through Digital Innovation

Permanent Recruitment

The candidates we offer for permanent positions always meet and often exceed the requirements. As an experienced Tech Recruitment agency, we know what specifications mean and where to find candidates who match these criteria.

Contractual Recruitment

We understand how important it is to make the right hire. Try one of our employees in a role to evaluate their skills before extending a contract offer. This is the safest and most innovative solution among what tech staffing firms offer.

Project Based Recruitment

Our project staffing services can provide just-in-time staffing exactly when you want it. Count on Rekruitr People to send candidates who have technical skills, industry experience, and the drive to help your team succeed.


A few of the IT & Tech Roles We Specialize In

•  Chief Technology Officer •  Principal Software Engineer
•  Vice President of Engineering •  Staff Software Engineer
•  Engineering Manager •  Senior Software Engineer
•  Engineering Supervisor •  And many more…

Software Languages & Tools Expertise

•  HTML •  Figma
•  CSS •  Adobe Photoshop
•  Bootstrap •  Cloudflare
•  JavaScript •  Website SEO
•  JQUERY •  Digital Marketing
•  MySQL •  Custom GIF
•  PHP/LARAVEL •  And many more…

Environment We Specialize In Soucing Talent

•  Cloud •  Web App Development
•  Big Data •  Agile
•  E-Commerce •  UI/UX
•  Mobile •  Dev/Ops

Recruiting Tech Talents

Having the right people is vital to the success of any company. We find the best talent for our client’s required skills, expertise and business culture. This is important for both, future employees and employers. We always start our work by understanding a business to know better what kind of people will fit in the company culture for the mutual long term benefit.

We Can Find The Talent You Need.